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[HOTFIX] 28/04/2017 - INSTALLATA

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[HOTFIX] 28/04/2017 - INSTALLATA


Messaggio da ArenDhaal » venerdì 28 aprile 2017, 19:00

Patch notes:
Old foundations will no longer remain when upgrading to a higher tier
Chat should now scroll automatically
EXPLOIT FIX: You can no longer dodge through certain building pieces on logout/login
EXPLOIT FIX: Disabled player input while logging out
Players on PvE servers can now die of hunger/thirst/suicide/fall damage (for realz this time)
Fixed a problem which prevented you from harvesting bushes multiple times

Known issues:
We are aware of problems related to the new emotes (locking characters, inability to swim, etc) and will be putting out a fix in our next patch
Resources nodes don't crumble and disappear like normal. This will also be addressed in our next patch


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